Brilliant people do breakfast

Wake up to Lark & Birch - the new oat-based breakfast bowl designed to bring out your brilliance. 

Portable, healthy and delicious, each individual portion is topped with seasonal fresh fruit and other yummy bits. 

It's goodness-on the-go for when you need it most.


These are overnight oats like you've never seen them before. Created by a professionally-trained chef and designed with today's tastebuds in mind, our oat-based breakfast bowls are convenient, healthy and downright delicious.

Gluten-free, dairy-free and refined sugar-free, our Birch bowls will help you become the early bird that catches the worm....and we think that's pretty brilliant.





Each bowl of our modern muesli

contains crisp fresh apple, 

gluten-free rolled oats,

zero refined sugar and is totally

free from dairy